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Rules Last Revised: 10/24/2011

  1. All FIFA rules apply, except for throw-ins. See #13 below. No protests of referee decisions allowed.
  1. Any player or coach who is “sent off” by a referee will not be able to participate in the balance of that match or the next.
  1. Maximum game roster is 22 players (except for 8v8 and 6v6 teams which is 16 and 12 respectively).
  1. All players on game roster must play at least half of each match.
  1. No guest player allowed without prior approval of the Festival Director. The roster must be the team roster from the regular season.
  1. No current carded travel or premier players are allowed.
  1. A team must have 7 players to start or continue a match (6 players for 8v8 teams and 5 players for 6v6 teams). If a team does not have the minimum number of players 5 minutes past the start time, the match will be declared a 1-0 forfeit.
  1. Teams must be at their scheduled field 10 minutes prior to their start time.
  1. The games are “running clock.” The referee will have the option of limiting substitutions in the final two minutes of play.
  1. Proper equipment is the responsibility of the players and coaches and will not be checked by the referee prior to the match. If a player is found to have improper equipment, the referee will send her off the field to correct the equipment.
  1. Both teams will be located on the same side of the field. Coaches and substitutes will remain on their half of the field for the entire match. Fans and parents will be on the other side of the field.
  1. Coaching Limitations: It is the end of the season and time to let players show what they are capable of. Limited, positive coaching will be allowed. Negative coaching or verbal abuse from coaches or spectators will not. Referees and field marshals are instructed to deal quickly with verbal abuse from anyone.
  1. On throw-ins, the team without possession may substitute players as long as the team with possession is substituting players. >>> Exception:  If the team with possession only has the minimum number of players, meaning no substitutes at all, the team without possession may still substitute players.  This is to ensure that players on the team without possession can play half the game.
  1. Team on the right on the master schedule is the home team. Home team supplies game ball, wears pinnies in event of opponent of same color, and kicks off in 1st half at goal of its choice.





Format Last Revised: 8/7/11



At the end of the regular season, all teams are placed in a Festival division based upon their league record. By checking the master schedule, you can determine your team’s playing times and fields.


The Festival is a three-game minimum round robin format with teams accumulating points as follows:

Win = 3 points

Tie = 1 point | Loss = 0 points.


Teams are then ranked within their division according to the points they earn. There are no playoffs within a division or with other divisions.

Tie Breakers:
If, at the conclusion of division play, there are ties within divisions, ties will be broken as follows:

  1. Head to head
  2. Total shutouts achieved
  3. Least amount of goals allowed
  4. Total goals scored (Maximum of 3 per game counted)
  5. Total goal differential (Maximum of +3 goals per game)
  6. Fewest red cards
  7. Fewest yellow cards
  8. Coin toss

All participants will receive an award. Check the schedule for your division’s award ceremony time.

Length of Games:

Games will be played in halves with a 5-minute halftime:

  • U10 – 15 minute halves
  • U12 – 18-minute halves
  • U15 – 20 minute halves
  • U16/19 - 25-minute halves

Games are “running clock “ without extra time added except when an injury occurs that requires medical attention. Referees have the right to disallow substitutions in the final two minutes of a match.

Games are on a tight schedule, so please make sure that your team is ready to take the field ten minutes prior to your scheduled start time. There will not be any warm-up time on the field.

Besides the usual substitution times (goal kick, restart after a goal is scored, half time), on throw-ins, the team without possession may substitute players as long as the team with possession is substituting players.